Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Options

TK and Kinder Morning Drop-Off: Park along Merced Ave. (not in the loading area) and walk Panthers via the crosswalk that intersect the parking lot in front of the main office, then to the gate on the eastside of campus.

1st-5th grade Morning Drop-Off: 

Panthers can be dropped by car at the curb inside the parking lot. In our loading area, they may safely use the walkway in front of the main office. Do not leave your car while in the loading area.

OR, Park along Merced Ave. (not in the loading area) and walk Panthers safely via the crosswalk that intersect the parking lot in front of the main office, then to the gates west of the main office door.

TK and Kinder After School Pick-Up: Pick up Panthers from their playground on the eastside of campus.

1st-5th grade After School Pick-Up:

Panthers can be picked up by car at the curb inside the parking lot. Cars PLEASE pull as far forward as you can, and stay in the car while your Panther loads.

OR, 1st-5th grade families wait on the walkways in front of the school to pick up Panthers on the grass from teachers.

Bus Schedule: Route V



After School


Grenoble and Doublegrove 7:20 AM 2:20 PM 1:20 PM
Newcrest and Almanac 7:22 AM 2:22 PM 1:22 PM
Newcrest and Varilla 7: 24 AM 2:23 PM 1:23 PM
Oakgreen and Harvest Moon 7:25 AM 2:25 PM 1:25 PM
Harvest Moon and Lark Ellen 7:27 AM 2:28 PM 1:28 PM
Maplegrove and Dawley 7:31 AM 2:35 PM 1:35 PM


If you would like your child to take the bus, please see the front office staff for a bus form.

Bus Rules

Please remember, riding the bus is a privilege. In order to ensure all students’ safety, please follow these rules.

  • Respect
    • Every student and driver deserves respect
    • Respect one another in words and actions
    • Keep conversations subdued and encouraging
  • Be responsible. Be safe.
    • Keep your body parts inside the bus
    • Keep the aisles clear
    • Do not tamper with or damage bus equipment
  • Be on time.
  • No food or drinks (including gum) on the bus.
  • The bus is an extension of the school.
  • All school rules apply
  • No animals or pets may ride on the bus, with the exception of seeing eye dogs accompanying a student with blindness.

We will not leave kindergarten students at a bus stop without a parent/guardian there to meet them. We will return any kindergarten students who do not have safe escort home to the school after the route.