After School Programs


Day Care Information for Enrolling Parents:

Merced offers an After School Enrichment Program called ASES which is only in session when school is in session for $30.00 a month. This after school Program is part of a special after school grant.  This program offers a homework club, computer lab, a nutrition snack, outdoor physical activities and academic enrichment activities.

Enrollment into this program is dependent on the number of students allotted per grade level.

If interested, you can call the Merced ASES Contact Number 626-261-1320, the office number at (626) 339-6221, OR you can visit the school auditorium and speak directly to Mr. Mike at Merced between 2 PM and 6 PM on school days.
* Please be aware that the City of West Covina offers day care at a cost of $25.00 daily or $88.00 a week.  If you need this service during the school holidays, please contact 626-939-8430.

Engaging Experiment

ASES students are engaging in a scientific experiment

Building Time

ASES Students create structures using building blocks

Valentine's Day

Students celebrate Valentine's Day

Caught Being Good

A student receives a %22Caught Being Good%22 Award


Each grade level offers after-school tutoring, staffed with our own Merced teachers. Tutoring is offered on an as-needed basis, facilitating student academic growth.

Young Rembrandts

Do you have a budding artist at home? Young Rembrandts incorporates Montessori’s philosophies into step-by-step and skill-based lessons in much the same way that students are taught math, science, and other regular school-time classes. The purpose is to help children grow in their overall learning skills as well as increase their knowledge of art history, vocabulary, and their personal artistic ability. This is a fee-based class.