Special Programs

Physical Education

All Merced students benefit from the teaching of musical PE by their classroom teachers. They receive physical education that is developmentally appropriate, heart-pumping, and engaging!

Fifth grade students teach their grade a physical activity
Fifth grade students teach their grade a physcial activity

Dance Lessons

Kinder, 2nd and 3rd graders receive dance lessons from our amazing teacher, Mrs. Parra! The students are actively dancing, learning new skills and having fun! They perform during our yard assemblies throughout the year!

Folklorico students perform for school
Students perform a classic dance from the 1950's
Folklorico students perform for school

4th and 5th grade Coding Class

Our 4th and 5th grade students enjoy their weekly Coding Class. They will learn how to create their own games and animations in Scratch, a powerful visual programming language and learning environment developed by MIT. They will employ basic, intermediate and advanced programming concepts as they complete increasingly complex projects. They will learn to think like a programmer and solve problems with code.

Fourth graders learn how to Code
The coding teachers instructs a fourth grade class