Student Dress Code

We want our students to focus on learning. Having a neat, well-groomed appearance limits distractions. Following is a list of the recommended clothing:

  • Pants, skirts, and walking shorts in navy, tan, and gray
  • Shirts with collars and sleeves in red, white, and/or blue
  • Students must wear shoes
  • Shoes must be closed at the back and front
  • No jeans or cargo pants
  • No words, logos, or designs on clothing

Food for Special Events

Snacks or treats from home are appropriate for special occasions such as holidays and birthdays. At Merced, we discourage any kind of homemade food and only allow prepackaged food. We will only permit our teachers to give out food snacks at the end of the school day for the students to enjoy at home. If you would like to do something special for your child involving food, please take advantage of the school birthday party option catered by the school cafeteria. Your child will love sharing pizza and cupcakes with his/her classmates; plus it’s delicious and very affordable. See the cafeteria manager at least one week before your child’s event if you are interested.


The West Covina Unified School District has established guidelines regarding disciplinary procedures. If you have concerns, we encourage you to discuss these with your child's teacher, and then if needed, our principal. If you want to know about policies on a more general basis, please visit the West Covina United School District site or review the student handbook found under the quick links on the Home page for more information.

Bicycle Safety

Students riding bicycles must bring a lock and secure it to the bike rack located on the street side of the Cafeteria. Additionally, all bike riders must wear a helmet.


We understand the importance of keeping your child at home when he or she is sick, but we strongly encourage you to do everything possible to have your child at school, on time, as often as possible. There is a direct relationship between attendance and school performance, so consistency is important.


We sincerely appreciate your willingness to give time to the school on behalf of your child. This is what makes Merced Elementary as successful as it is in meeting the many needs of our students. We need volunteers in our library, help in tutoring individuals and managing assemblies and working with instructional materials, as well as many other areas. We want your help and ask that you inquire in the front office for more information.