Our School

As educators, we believe that all children deserve to be in a safe learning environment in which they can learn the necessary skills to successfully navigate life academically, professionally, and socially. Our collaborative effort in combining the strengths of our teachers with you, the parents, and the community, has proven to be a winning strategy. We have many bilingual teachers on staff who are skilled in reaching those children with limited English skills.

Award-Winning School

Merced Elementary is a National Blue Ribbon School, a California Distinguished School, a Title I Achievement School, and a California Business Honor Roll School for Excellence in Education. We are part of the equally outstanding West Covina Unified School District, which values excellence in education. Merced’s instructional staff is fully in compliance with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

Outstanding Curriculum

Merced Elementary is noted for its strong curriculum in supporting the Common Core State Standards. We emphasize mastery of areas such as:

  • English Language Arts
  • Science
  • Mathematics

These also employ the use of iPads, computers and Chromebooks.

Learning and Fun go Hand in Hand

We offer great extracurricular activities such as:

  • Visual Arts Classes
  • Performing Arts, including Theater and Dance
  • Speech and Debate
  • Basketball Club

Please check out our complete list on our Enrichment Programs page.

We want your children to discover first hand that learning can be a fun process, and to this end, we schedule special events throughout the year. Some of the fun events involve physical activities such as track and field held in the spring. 

We believe that every child who attends Merced Elementary School can be a winner, and we are committed to doing everything possible to making that a reality.

For the Love of Reading

Merced wants our scholars to cultivate a love for reading. This starts in the home, and we reinforce it in the classroom. Students are exposed to a variety of age-appropriate print materials in the classroom and the library. The purpose of this is to develop vital reading skills, and to give opportunities for scholars to get excited about reading that peaks their interest. We encourage scholars to have as much exposure to print in their lives through reading together as a family as much as possible. Reading can include, but is not limited to newspapers, magazines, online articles, recipes, directions for assembling toys, maps, road signs, menus, comic books, picture books, chapter books, etc!

Vision Statement

Through a unified effort among staff, parents, and community, Merced Elementary School strives to nurture students into becoming empowered, lifelong learners who embrace responsibility, effective collaboration, and self-discipline.

School Hours

Just a reminder of Merced's School Hours.  Please make sure to have your child at school on time.  Please make sure to pick up your child on time. 

* School Hours (Grades 1-5)
   8 AM– 2:08 PM
   (except Wed. 8 AM-1:08 PM)

* School Hours (Transitional Kinder - Kinder)
   8 AM– 1:58 PM
   (except Wed. 8 AM-12:58 PM)